What is Milwaukee Finders Keepers (MKEFK) about?

It's about you. Every day I seed a painting or two around Milwaukee Downtown in hope you find it and enjoy it. Keep your eyes open, look at the beauty around you and I am sure you will spot one meant for you! All paintings that have already been seeded are posted on this blog, so come back and see what is out there! If you wish to give me a shout, share you've found one or post a pic of yourself with your new painting, please click on individual post titles and scroll down to comments. You can log in with your Facebook or other social media and let me know all about how it all happened. I will be delighted to hear from you - this is what it's all about! <3 Eshi

#36 Refined Palette

August 24, 2016


#35 Entangled

August 23, 2016


#34 No! No! No!

August 21, 2016



August 21, 2016


#32 In Plain Sight

August 16, 2016