Repurposed Runway 2013 - Water Lily Dress - Best Construction Award

Worn by Karen E. Canido - made of cellophane, cardboard box, wire hangers, newspaper, toilet paper, old vinyl pieces, glitter, staples, rags and fishing line. Purse - old POM juice bottle - with little live fish named Arthur - making it through the show alive.

Repurposed Runway 2012 - Black Dahlia Dress

Black Dahlia Dress was my entry to Redline Milwaukee Repurposed Runway 2012 competition and it has won an Honorable Mention missing the Best of Show award by only 1 point after a recount! The dress is made of one old perforated long sleeve t-shirt, one ripped up old bed sheet (few strips) and 300 cut up tall kitchen garbage bags nicely fluffed up by one very hot blow torch. This is the first dress I've ever created since I've started designing dresses in Second Life. Gracefully worn by model Laurel D.

Check out more videos of the dress HERE and HERE.